If the client doesn’t need us any more we’ve done a good job. Unlike other companies we don’t ask our team to upsell or ensure the client can’t function without us, if we get repeat business it’s in new areas and because we’ve already delivered on other projects.

Programme and project management services

Helping our clients to successfully deliver programmes and projects as part of a team or a fully outsourced team

Our project management group has designed a programme and project methodology with a proven track record of delivering success for our media and entertainment clients which is scalable for projects of all sizes from short term strategic engagements to longer programmes of work with multiple workstreams. We provide resources at all levels from programme sponsors and managers to project managers and coordinators.

Subject matter experts and business analysis

Providing resources and knowledge to backfill or complement our client’s in house team

Our business analyst team are all drawn from the media and entertainment industry and have experience of working on the client side as well as the supplier side and bring a unique perspective to projects. Their experience in the same roles that the client’s own resources are performing ensures that they can add best practices in each area during the configuration and design phase and even step in to help perform day to day activities to support the client during critical project phases.

Strategic advice, vision and a CIO service

Conducting strategic reviews of companies, processes and solutions from our experiences and insight

With their years of experience our team have delivered every type of project you can imagine in our areas of expertise and so can support even the most experienced of companies when they embark on a project in a new area for their business. This means we can step in and help provide advice and create the strategy required for the client to make the correct decisions based on what we have seen succeed in similar companies whether that’s with vendor selection or solution architecture design.

Outsourcing, media specialist finance, contracts and data entry

Delivering services that our clients cannot perform in house but depend on specialist media knowledge

The advantage of working with a specialist media and entertainment consultancy over a generic consultancy with one or two partners with some media experience is that depth of knowledge in the whole team and the ability to lean on that experience to ensure projects don’t negatively impact business as usual. We have provided resources to continue data entry including abstracting complex terms from media contracts, produce royalty statements during the implementation of a new solution and even help with hands on scheduling and editing processes.