We don’t pitch for any project that comes along, we focus on the areas where we have experience and a proven track record. We’d hope we would be top of your list for these areas but will be the first to refer you elsewhere if we’re not the right choice.

Rights management, contracts, content sales and availabilities

Working with rights, legal, business affairs, sales and compliance divisions

Our rights experts specialise in understanding the complex contractual terms that determine the extent to which our clients can exploit their content either for their own consumption on channels and platforms or for the sale and licensing of rights to third parties. We use that knowledge to select, implement and optimise rights management solutions and create business processes and integrations to support the content supply chain from transmission and on demand delivery as well as sales and availability reporting.

Broadcast operations for linear and non-linear transmissions

Working with rights, scheduling, compliance, media planning, media management and presentation divisions

Our broadcast experts specialise in delivering solutions to manage and support broadcast operations for linear and non-linear content providers and our areas of expertise include various activities relating to broadcast including scheduling, media planning and presentation. Our project involvement ranges from designing and implementing the most efficient workflows for clients, selecting and configuring software solutions to meet the goals of the business through to delivering the business changes required to operate in new models and processes.

Production, promotional and marketing asset management

Working with creative, promotional, and production resources and divisions

Our creative and production experts specialise in delivering or optimising new tools and business practices to manage the creation, editing, storage and publishing of assets primarily for promotional and ancillary content for broadcasters and educational institutions. Our projects have covered the selection and procurement of new software solutions, implementing organisational change and delivering centralisation projects aimed at expanding the use of content in multiple channels and territories for larger organisations.

Finance, royalties, participations, talent accounting and residuals

Working with finance, accounting and contract calculation resources and divisions

Our finance experts cover the full range of media finance requirements from ERP solution selection and implementation to specialist functions such as royalty, participation and residual talent accounting. To date we have redesigned systems and processes for specific functional areas such as billing and revenue recognition, delivered outsourced services for specialist processes such as talent accounting and delivered end to end finance transformation projects replacing solutions and processes and implementing the organisational change required to support them.