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June 18, 2018

Our clients watch England kick off the World Cup courtesy of Rogo Scott

Never in doubt. We kicked off the World Cup in style with our clients. Happily England weren’t too bad either.

It is hard to think of a riskier choice of event if you want to send everyone home with a smile than hosting a party around an England game at a major international tournament but fortune favoured the brave on this occasion as Harry Kane sent a wave of relief around Balls Brothers in Shoe Lane on Monday night.

Rogo Scott brought together a wide range of film, television and sporting clients and partners to celebrate the start of England’s World Cup campaign. Whilst sporting events may be hard to predict we could at least guarantee good company, good food and free flowing drinks and it was great to see a full house with not only England fans present but also guests representing other nations including Argentina and France who braved the late stint on a school night which will hopefully prove to be the first step on the road to the England victory about which our CEO seems to be alone in his levels of confidence.

“It was great to relax and catch up with our clients despite the odd moment of stress and also cast a professional eye over the broadcasting efforts of our friends and colleagues at ITV and BBC who are always good value with stories of black outs and near misses with live broadcasts so it was satisfying to see such an excellent job and a little unscripted last minute drama on the pitch.” said Tim Goff, partner and Spurs fan, Rogo Scott.

The Rogo Scott events team will be back with more news about future opportunities for our clients to get together outside of the office.