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On demand access to expert knowledge and experience


A CIO Service

For larger companies a CIO is a ‘must have’; each good decision more than justifies the investment. We aim to make that level of expertise accessible to your company by stepping in when you need help with a decision or by working with you on a retainer basis.

Strategic Reviews

Our strategic reviews are designed to evaluate systems, business process and workflow assignments. The review produces a roadmap and recommendations designed with your company’s profile and resources in mind. We are confident we will deliver the objectives and priorities you define for us.

Independent Expert Opinion

Our goal at Rogo Scott is to work with experts in their field with a proven track record in making decisions our clients can trust.

Vendors have a deep knowledge of their own solution and your team understands how your company works. We will add our experience from working with a large cross section of companies to help you make confident decisions and investments that will deliver the return you are looking for.

Solution Procurement

Our extensive knowledge of software vendors in the media and entertainment industry and our background in working with solution delivery, means we are uniquely positioned to manage procurement processes for our clients. This includes the creation and review of RFI and RFP documentation and running the process to find the right match in the market for your requirements.