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Working with a vendor doesn’t have to be ‘them and us’


Project Governance

Project sponsors often say they hear one story from the vendor and another from their project team. 

“Over the course of the project, I’m sure the truth ends up somewhere in the middle but I don’t have the time or the information to research each issue.” 

Having worked as vendors and clients we can help sponsors make the right decision every time.

Subject Matter Experts

Vendors often have bandwidth but limited knowledge of your business and, whilst you know your business, you have limited bandwidth.

Working with a third party with industry expertise helps you avoid making those ‘least worst’ choices you can be forced to make when resourcing a project.

Working with our team gives you access on demand to industry knowledge.

Right Task, Right Resource

We won’t waste your time. If we don’t have the right person for the job, we’ll say so. We think it’s better to provide you with an expert to do one task brilliantly rather than everything adequately. We believe this innovative approach is unique to Rogo Scott.

We won’t waste your money. If you need someone to be fully committed to your task for ten hours a week, then that’s what you’ll pay for. We won’t expect you to pay full time fees for part time work.

Migration & Integration

The most challenging aspect of any project or software implementation is the migration of information, people and processes to a new solution.

Our methodology has been developed over years of delivering successful projects. It is based on breaking down a phase into smaller tasks and making it easier to track progress. This ensures we keep the time demands on your business users to a minimum.